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Handicaps for Next Meeting

Adelaide Hills Picnic Carnival 2023-03-12:

300m Under 14
1Claire Hardy20.00 m
2Tyler Rowston24.00 m
3Lilliana Hoffman26.00 m
4Nathan Flesfadar27.00 m
5Madison Brown28.00 m
6Emma Potter32.00 m
7Matilda Buchanan36.00 m
8Talulah Kovacic36.00 m
9Taj Allen38.00 m
10Noah Charlesworth40.00 m
11Ruby Church40.00 m
12Scarlett Poole46.00 m
13Alexa Misaildis 48.00 m
14Billy Rowston50.00 m
15Madiha Aaliyah Zoalang Mouri-Flourent65.00 m

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