Next Meeting: Marion Gift, October 16

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South Australian
Athletic League

SA Athletic Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

0404 350 907 (Office Hours)


Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
9am to 4:45pm daily

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Upcoming Events

Marion Gift Carnival: 2022-10-16 - Closes 2022-10-03

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
233670m Under 14-$100.00$6.00
233770m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$7.00
233870m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$7.00
2339120m Novice-$200.00$11.00
2340120m Mens-$1000.00$19.00
2341120m Women-$1000.00$19.00
2342300m Mens-$450.00$13.00
2343300m Women-$450.00$13.00
2344300m Over 35-$300.00$12.00
2345300m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$7.00
2346300m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$7.00
2347800m Mens-$450.00$13.00
23481600m Open-$450.00$13.00
2434800m Women-$375.00$12.00

The City of Burnside Carnival: 2022-10-23 - Closes 2022-10-10

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
2349120m Under 14-$100.00$6.00
2350120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$7.00
2351120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$7.00
2352120m Over 35-$250.00$11.00
2353120m Women-$700.00$16.00
2354120m Mens-$700.00$16.00
2355300m Mens-$300.00$12.00
2356300m Women-$300.00$12.00
2357300m Over 45-$500.00$14.00
2358550m Under 14-$100.00$6.00
2359550m Under 18-$175.00$7.00
2360550m Women-$300.00$12.00
2361550m Mens-$300.00$12.00
23621600m Women/Over 35-$400.00$13.00
23631600m Mens-$400.00$13.00

Toby Schreier Flinders Pro Meet: 2022-11-06 - Closes 2022-10-24

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
236470m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$7.00
236570m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$7.00
236670m Novice-$200.00$11.00
236770m Women-$200.00$11.00
236870m Mens-$200.00$11.00
2369300m Under 14-$100.00$6.00
2370300m Over 35-$200.00$11.00
2371300m Women-$300.00$12.00
2372300m Mens-$300.00$12.00
2373800m Under 18-$175.00$7.00
2374800m Women-$300.00$12.00
2375800m Mens-$300.00$12.00
24353200m Open-$1000.00$19.00

Port Adelaide Athletic Carnival: 2022-11-20 - Closes 2022-11-07

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
2376100m Under 18 Boys-$500.00$12.00
2377100m Under 18 Girls-$500.00$12.00
2378100m Over 35-$500.00$14.00
2379100m Women-$5000.00$28.00
2380100m Mens-$5000.00$28.00
2381300m Under 18 Boys-$200.00$8.00
2382300m Under 18 Girls-$200.00$8.00
2383300m Over 35-$1000.00$19.00
2384550m Under 14-$200.00$8.00
2385550m Over 35-$500.00$14.00
2386550m Women-$500.00$14.00
2387550m Mens-$500.00$14.00
23881600m Open-$1000.00$19.00