Next Meeting: Marion Gift Carnival - Oct 8th 2023

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South Australian
Athletic League

SA Athletic Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

0404 350 907 (Office Hours)


Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
By appointment only

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Upcoming Events

City of Burnside Carnival: 2023-10-15 - Closes 2023-10-03

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
2570120m Under 14-$100.00$6.00
2571120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$8.00
2572120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$8.00
2573120m Over 35-$300.00$12.00
2574120m Women-$700.00$16.00
2575120m Mens-$700.00$16.00
2576120m Para-$300.00$12.00
2577300m Under 14-$100.00$6.00
2578300m All comers-$400.00$13.00
2579300m All comers-$400.00$13.00
2580550m Under 18-$175.00$8.00
2581550m Over 35-$500.00$14.00
2582550m Women-$300.00$12.00
2583550m Mens-$300.00$12.00
25841600m Women/Over 35-$500.00$14.00
25851600m Mens-$500.00$14.00

Crystal Brook Classic: 2023-10-21 - Closes 2023-10-09

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
258670m Under 18 Girls-$250.00$10.00
258770m Under 18 Boys-$250.00$10.00
258870m Women-$700.00$16.00
258970m Mens-$700.00$16.00
2590120m Under 14-$125.00$7.00
2591120m Women-$3250.00$25.00
2592120m Mens-$3250.00$25.00
2593120m Over 35-$750.00$17.00
2594300m Under 18 Girls-$250.00$10.00
2595300m Under 18 Boys-$250.00$10.00
2596300m Mens-$1000.00$19.00
2597300m Women-$1000.00$19.00
2598300m Over 35-$750.00$17.00
2599800m Open-$500.00$14.00
26002000m Women/Over 35-$1250.00$21.00
26012000m Mens-$1250.00$21.00

Toby Schreier Flinders Pro Meet: 2023-11-05 - Closes 2023-10-24

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
260270m Novice-$200.00$11.00
260370m Over 35-$200.00$11.00
260470m Women-$200.00$11.00
260570m Mens-$200.00$11.00
2606200m Under 14-$100.00$7.00
2607200m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$9.00
2608200m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$9.00
2609200m Over 35-$200.00$11.00
2610200m Women-$300.00$12.00
2611200m Mens-$300.00$11.00
2612800m Under 18-$175.00$9.00
2613800m Women-$300.00$12.00
2614800m Mens-$300.00$12.00
26153200m Open-$1000.00$19.00