Next Meeting: Keith Patching Memorial Carnival - Dec 14th 2023

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South Australian
Athletic League

SA Athletic Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

0404 350 907 (Office Hours)


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PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

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Upcoming Events

Keith Patching Memorial Carnival: 2023-12-14 - Closes 2023-12-10

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
264470m Novice-$200.00$11.00
264570m Mens-$1000.00$19.00
2646100m Under 14-$100.00$7.00
2647100m Over 35-$200.00$11.00
2648100m Women-$500.00$14.00
2649100m Mens-$500.00$14.00
2650400m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$9.00
2651400m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$9.00
2652400m Women-$300.00$12.00
2653400m Mens-$300.00$12.00
26541000m Women/Over 35-$400.00$13.00
26551000m Mens-$400.00$13.00

Mort Daly Running Foundation Carnival: 2023-12-17 - Closes 2023-12-05

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
266470m Novice-$400.00$13.00
266570m Women-$1000.00$19.00
2666120m Under 14-$100.00$7.00
2667120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$9.00
2668120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$9.00
2669120m Over 35-$500.00$14.00
2670120m Women-$500.00$14.00
2671120m Mens-$500.00$14.00
2672550m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$9.00
2673550m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$9.00
2674550m Over 35-$500.00$14.00
2675550m Women-$1300.00$22.00
2676550m Mens-$1300.00$22.00
26771600m Women/Over 35-$600.00$15.00
26781600m Mens-$600.00$15.00
2679120m Para-$250.00$10.00

137th Bay Sheffield Carnival - Day 1: 2023-12-27 - Closes 2023-12-10

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
268470m Women14m$3000.00$40.00
268570m Mens14m$3000.00$40.00
2686120m Under 14-$200.00$12.00
2687120m Restricted-$1000.00$29.00
2688300m Under 14-$200.00$12.00
2689550m Under 18 Girls-$400.00$17.00
2690550m Under 18 Boys-$400.00$17.00
2692550m Women110m$4000.00$45.00
2693800m Mens160m$3000.00$40.00
26943200m Open640m$1250.00$32.00
2703300m Womens Over 30-$750.00$23.00
2704300m Over 35-$750.00$23.00

137th Bay Sheffield Carnival - Day 2: 2023-12-28 - Closes 2023-12-10

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
2691550m Over 35-$1000.00$29.00
2695120m Under 18 Girls-$500.00$18.00
2696120m Under 18 Boys-$500.00$18.00
2697120m Para-$1750.00$35.00
2698120m Para-$1750.00$35.00
2699120m Women13m$16000.00$56.00
2700120m Mens11m$16000.00$56.00
2701120m Backmarkers-$1750.00$0.00
2702120m Over 35-$1000.00$29.00
2705550m Mens110m$4000.00$45.00
2706800m Under 18-$400.00$17.00
27071600m Women320m$2500.00$37.00
27081600m Over 35-$1500.00$33.00
27091600m Mens320m$1500.00$33.00
27101600m Selected Mens80m$2500.00$37.00