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South Australian
Athletic League

Santos Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

08 8443 6177



Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
9am to 4:45pm daily

Bay Sheffield Supporters

Race Entry

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Upcoming Events

Bowker Street Gift: 2018-11-18 - Closes 2018-10-22

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
158070m Novice-$200.00$8.00
1581120m Open18m$200.00$8.00
1582120m Women18m$200.00$8.00
1583120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1584120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
1585120m Over 35-$200.00$8.00
1586400m Open80m$200.00$8.00
1587400m Women80m$200.00$8.00
1588400m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1589550m Under 18-$175.00$4.00
1590800m Open160m$200.00$8.00
1591800m Women/Over 35-$200.00$8.00
15921600m All comers400m$200.00$8.00

Kensington Gift: 2018-11-25 - Closes 2018-10-29

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
159370m Open14m$400.00$10.00
159470m Women14m$400.00$10.00
159570m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1596120m Open18m$800.00$14.00
1597120m Women18m$800.00$14.00
1598120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1599120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
1600300m All comers-$400.00$10.00
1601800m Open160m$800.00$16.00
1602800m Women/Over 35-$400.00$10.00
16031600m All comers400m$400.00$10.00

Mort Daly Running Foundation Pre Bay Sheffield: 2018-12-09 - Closes 2018-12-11

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
160470m Open14m$500.00$11.00
160570m Women14m$500.00$11.00
160670m Novice-$400.00$10.00
1607120m Open18m$800.00$14.00
1608120m Women18m$800.00$14.00
1609120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1610120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
1611550m Open110m$600.00$12.00
1612550m Women110m$600.00$12.00
1613550m Over 35-$500.00$11.00
1614550m Under 18-$300.00$9.00
1615550m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
16161600m Open320m$600.00$12.00
16171600m Women/Over 35-$500.00$11.00

Brighton Athletics Carnival: 2018-12-16 - Closes 2018-12-19

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
161870m Open14m$1000.00$16.00
161970m Novice-$300.00$9.00
1620120m Open18m$600.00$12.00
1621120m Women18m$600.00$12.00
1622120m Over 35-$200.00$8.00
1623120m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1624400m Open80m$300.00$9.00
1625400m Women80m$200.00$8.00
1626400m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1627400m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
16281000m Open200m$300.00$9.00
16291000m Women200m$200.00$8.00
16301000m Over 35-$200.00$8.00