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South Australian
Athletic League

Santos Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

08 8443 6177

Mobile (scratchings):
0434 549 184


Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 4:45pm

Bay Sheffield Supporters

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Upcoming Events

SACRED HEART CARNIVAL: 2017-11-12 - Closes 2017-10-16

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
139570m Novice-$200.00$7.00
139670m Over 35-$250.00$7.00
1397120m Open14m$250.00$7.00
1398120m Women-$250.00$7.00
1399400m Open80m$250.00$7.00
1400400m Women-$250.00$7.00
1401400m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1402550m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1403550m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
1404550m Novice110m$250.00$7.00
1405800m Open160m$250.00$7.00
1406800m Women/Over 35-$250.00$7.00
14071600m All comers-$250.00$7.00

Kensington OTR Gift: 2017-11-26 - Closes 2017-10-30

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
140870m Novice-$400.00$9.00
140970m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1410100m Open12m$2000.00$19.00
1411100m Women-$2000.00$19.00
1412100m Under 18 Boys-$200.00$4.00
1413100m Under 18 Girls-$200.00$4.00
1414300m All comers-$1000.00$15.00
1415800m Open-$1000.00$15.00
1416800m Women/Over 35-$500.00$10.00
14171600m All comers-$400.00$9.00

MDRF PRE BAY SHEFFIELD CARNIVAL: 2017-12-10 - Closes 2017-11-13

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
141870m Open14m$500.00$10.00
141970m Women-$500.00$10.00
142070m Novice-$400.00$9.00
1421120m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1422120m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
1423120m Open18m$800.00$13.00
1424120m Women-$800.00$13.00
1425550m Open110m$550.00$10.00
1426550m Women-$550.00$10.00
1427550m Over 35-$550.00$10.00
1428550m Under 18-$375.00$8.00
142970m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
14301600m Open350m$550.00$10.00
14311600m Women/Over 35-$550.00$10.00

BRIGHTON GIFT CARNIVAL : 2017-12-17 - Closes 2017-11-20

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
143270m Open14m$1000.00$15.00
143370m Novice-$300.00$8.00
1434120m Open18m$650.00$11.00
1435120m Women-$650.00$11.00
1436120m Over 35-$150.00$6.00
1437120m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1438400m Open60m$300.00$8.00
1439400m Women-$200.00$7.00
1440400m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1441400m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
14421000m Open200m$300.00$8.00
14431000m Over 35-$150.00$6.00
14441000m Women-$200.00$7.00

BAY SHEFFIELD CARNIVAL (DAY 1): 2017-12-26 - Closes 2017-11-13

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
1445120m Under 14-$200.00$5.00
1446120m Under 18 Boys-$500.00$10.00
1447120m Under 18 Girls-$500.00$10.00
1448120m Over 35-$750.00$12.00

BAY SHEFFIELD CARNIVAL (DAY 2): 2017-12-27 - Closes 2017-11-13

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
144970m Open14m$2500.00$21.00
145070m Women-$2000.00$19.00
1451120m Restricted18m$1000.00$15.00
1452550m Women-$1200.00$16.00
1453550m Under 18-$500.00$5.00
1454800m Open160m$2000.00$19.00

BAY SHEFFIELD CARNIVAL (DAY 3): 2017-12-28 - Closes 2017-11-13

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
1455120m Open Bay Sheffield11m$20000.00$35.00
1456120m Women12m$20000.00$35.00
1457550m Open110m$3000.00$23.00
1458550m Over 35-$750.00$12.00
1459800m Novice-$500.00$10.00
14601600m Open320m$1200.00$16.00
14611600m Selected60m$2000.00$19.00
14621600m Women/Over 35-$1200.00$16.00

MARION GIFT CARNIVAL: 2018-01-14 - Closes 2017-12-18

No.EventLimitTot. PrizemoneyEntry Fee
1463120m Open18m$1100.00$16.00
1464120m Women-$1100.00$16.00
1465120m Novice-$200.00$7.00
1466300m Open60m$600.00$11.00
1467300m Women-$400.00$9.00
1468300m Over 35-$350.00$8.00
1469300m Under 18 Boys-$175.00$4.00
1470300m Under 18 Girls-$175.00$4.00
1471800m Under 14-$100.00$3.00
1472800m Open160m$650.00$11.00
14731600m All comers-$700.00$12.00