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South Australian
Athletic League

Santos Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

0404 350 907 (Office Hours)


Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
9am to 4:45pm daily

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South Australian Athletic League


This season the League has introduced an online acceptance and scratching system that will be used for every meeting.

Why are we doing this? A couple of benefits are that it will streamline and reduce the length of the meetings, and will also minimise the affect of luck in the heat draw by ensuring all athletes are placed in a full heat.

How will it work? Acceptances will be open for two days before each meeting, and will close on the morning of the meeting (8AM this week, to ensure enouhg time to generate the program befor eht eevent starts). You will need to visit the acceptance page and submit your acceptance within that timeframe if you wish to run.

Can I change an acceptance after entering it? Yes, your acceptance/scratching will be locked in at 8am on Sunday morning, you can make changes to it until that time. If you have any difficulty with, or feedback on this process please email the League office at


Next Meeting

Mort Daly Running Foundation Pre Bay Sheffield

Colley Reserve

Dec 1st 2019, 12:00 pm

Entrylist / Handicaps
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Schedule of Events
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Latest Results

Toby Schreier Flinders Pro Meet
  • 70 Under 18 Girls
    1st Eliza Woolley
    Time: 8.766 (6.5 m)
    2nd Millie Armitage
    Time: 8.810 (6 m)
    3rd Lilli Boulton
    Time: 8.812 (8.5 m)

  • 70 Under 18 Boys
    1st Joseph McKinnon
    Time: 7.995 (4 m)
    2nd Anthony De Ruvo
    Time: 8.046 (6 m)
    3rd Liam Lowes
    Time: 8.118 (5.75 m)

  • 70 Mens
    1st Samuel Blyzno
    Time: 7.728 (6.75 m)
    2nd Vince Musolino
    Time: 7.821 (13.25 m)
    3rd Adrian Harris
    Time: 7.840 (7.5 m)

  • 70 Women
    1st Hayley Orman
    Time: 8.459 (7.5 m)
    2nd Tayla Philis
    Time: 8.460 (4.75 m)
    3rd Mikayla Round
    Time: 8.582 (5 m)

  • 200 Under 18 Girls
    1st Mercedes Tierney
    Time: 25.021 (23 m)
    2nd Jamilla Hartogh-Jennings
    Time: 25.261 (18 m)
    3rd Piper Window
    Time: 25.357 (20 m)

  • 200 Under 18 Boys
    1st Joseph McKinnon
    Time: 21.961 (14 m)
    2nd Joe Chigwidden
    Time: 22.406 (22 m)
    3rd James Hackett
    Time: 22.413 (15 m)

  • 200 Mens
    1st Matthew Cousins
    Time: 21.230 (35 m)
    2nd Samuel Blyzno
    Time: 21.260 (18 m)
    3rd Timothy Blyzno
    Time: 21.525 (20 m)

  • 200 Women
    1st Tayla Philis
    Time: 23.761 (14 m)
    2nd Kayla Lemm
    Time: 24.049 (17 m)
    3rd Molly Cook
    Time: 24.092 (31 m)

  • 200 Over 35
    1st Angela Holmes
    Time: 22.972 (43 m)
    2nd Cassie Neubauer
    Time: 23.474 (39 m)
    3rd Matthew Cousins
    Time: 23.826 (17 m)

  • 800 Mens
    1st Ryan Sibbick
    Time: 1:49.18 (94 m)
    2nd Nicholas Dallimore
    Time: 1:49.21 (71 m)
    3rd Richard McMahon
    Time: 1:49.21 (141 m)

  • 800 Women
    1st Teagan Kustermann
    Time: 2:04.89 (52 m)
    2nd Courtney Ryder
    Time: 2:05.69 (137 m)

  • 800 Under 18
    1st Henry McKinnon
    Time: 1:55.50 (101 m)
    2nd Asher Gillings
    Time: 1:56.02 (58 m)
    3rd Aidan Ross
    Time: 1:59.38 (11 m)

  • 3200 All comers
    1st Bennett Maxwell
    Time: 9:01.02 (590 m)
    2nd Jordan Harvey
    Time: 9:02.09 (280 m)
    3rd Matthew Konetschka
    Time: 9:17.99 (245 m)

Complete results here

Closing Soon

Nominations close soon for the following meetings:

Mort Daly Running Foundation Pre Bay Sheffield - Dec 1st 2019
Closes 25/11/2019

Closes 25/11/2019

Nominate here

Register for the 2019 - 2020 Season

Registration for the upcoming season is now open with earlybird pricing until July 31st. Follow the links below to register!

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EXISTING Members >

Registration Prices 2019 - 2020
Early bird prices available until 31 July 2019
Category With coach With coach Self trained Self trained
Open $185 $195.00 $200 $210.00
Women** $185 $195.00 $200 $210.00
Under 18* $140 $150.00 N/A N/A
Over 35*** $135 $145.00 $150 $160.00
Coach only $30 $30.00 N/A N/A
Coach / Athlete $185 $195.00 N/A N/A
Under 14* $105 $115.00 N/A N/A

*Under 14 and Under 18 athletes must be registered with a coach or parent and cannot be self trained.
*Under 14 athletes can only enter under 14 and under 18 events.
**Women can enter women’s events and novice events where eligible.
***Over 35 - can only enter O35 and O45 races (age permitting) - Cannot enter Open races (those over the age of 35 who wish to enter Open or Women's races should register in those categories)

The SA Athletic League's Mission Statement:

"To promote athletics as an enjoyable, healthy sport for people of all categories and abilities."

Latest News

New Website

For all the latest South Australian Athletic League news and events head on over to our new website

Please advise all scratchings via our new scratchings only email

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Declare times and personal bests

It is the athlete's responsibility to declare their personal bests, as well their 10 most recent performances outside the SAAL.
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Times can be submitted via email, and the office will forward them to the handicappers.

Re-registration and password retrieval

If you have been a member of the SAAL before please note you should re-register, rather than create a new membership. To do this you will require a password.
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A password retrieval system is now in place for those who have forgotten/lost their password from previous seasons. If you select “Athlete Tools” and scroll down to “Retrieve Password”, you can follow the prompts to reset your password.