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South Australian
Athletic League

Santos Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

08 8443 6177



Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
9am to 4:45pm daily

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South Australian Athletic League

Next Meeting

Brighton Mini Meet

Brighton Oval
Brighton Road Brighton
Oct 12th 2018, 6:00 am

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Latest Results

  • 70 Open
    1st Aaron Harrison
    Time: 7.754 (11 m)
    2nd John Evans
    Time: 7.807 (4.75 m)
    3rd Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio
    Time: 7.819 (6.5 m)

  • 70 Women
    1st Caitlin Francis
    Time: 8.764 (7.5 m)
    2nd Edwina Kidd
    Time: 8.795 (7.5 m)
    3rd Lily Micklethwait
    Time: 8.891 (5.75 m)

  • 200 Open
    1st Dale Woodhams
    Time: 20.940 (13 m)
    2nd Luke Houlihan
    Time: 21.160 (10 m)
    3rd Mitchell Tucker
    Time: 21.360 (16 m)

  • 200 Women
    1st Alisha Peeters
    Time: 22.680 (38 m)
    2nd Lauren McHugh
    Time: 22.890 (44 m)
    3rd Edwina Kidd
    Time: 23.120 (24 m)

  • 200 Over 35
    1st Matthew Cousins
    Time: 22.860 (19 m)
    2nd Cameron White
    Time: 23.400 (23 m)
    3rd Vince Musolino
    Time: 23.630 (13 m)

  • 400 Novice
    1st Maxwell Underwood
    Time: 46.790 (70 m)
    2nd Hunter Window
    Time: 47.630 (60 m)
    3rd Alice Priestly
    Time: 48.030 (80 m)

  • 400 Under 14
    1st Lochie MacNab
    Time: 53.940 (34 m)
    2nd Cooper Jones
    Time: 54.330 (52 m)
    3rd Mercedes Tierney
    Time: 54.520 (56 m)

  • 800 Over 45
    1st Paul Sideris
    Time: 2:07.24 (180 m)
    2nd Amin Chehade
    Time: 2:10.16 (46 m)
    3rd Gregor Dingwall
    Time: 2:10.89 (60 m)

  • 800 Under 18
    1st Samuel Burbridge
    Time: 1:46.85 (185 m)
    2nd Lachlan Scannell
    Time: 1:49.56 (125 m)
    3rd Sam Sibbick
    Time: 1:51.61 (200 m)

  • 1600 Open
    1st Tim Earle
    Time: 4:08.73 (105 m)
    2nd Jordan Harvey
    Time: 4:10.32 (175 m)
    3rd Salvador Jurado
    Time: 4:11.83 (240 m)

  • 1600 Women/Over 35
    1st Julia New-Tolley
    Time: 4:26.41 (250 m)
    2nd Chris Burckhardt
    Time: 4:46.24 (140 m)
    3rd Lisa Roberts
    Time: 4:48.62 (360 m)

Complete results here

Closing Soon

Nominations close soon for the following meetings:

Brighton Mini Meet - Oct 12th 2018
Closes 17/09/2018 *extended*

St Michael's College Gift - Oct 21st 2018
Closes 24/09/2018

Toby Schreier Flinders Pro Meet - Oct 28th 2018
Closes 01/10/2018

Nominate here
Registration Prices 2018 - 2019  
Category With coach Self trained
Open $195.00 $210.00
Women** $185.00 $200.00
Under 18* $150.00 N/A
Over 35*** $145.00 $160.00
Coach only $30.00 N/A
Coach / Athlete $195.00 N/A
Under 14* $115.00 N/A

*Under 14 and Under 18 athletes must be registered with a coach and cannot be self trained.
*Under 14 athletes can only enter under 14 and under 18 events.
**Women can enter women’s events and novice events where eligible.
***Over 35 - can only enter O35 and O45 races (age permitting) - Cannot enter Open races (those over the age of 35 who wish to enter Open or Women's races should register in those categories)

The SA Athletic League's Mission Statement:

"To promote athletics as an enjoyable, healthy sport for people of all categories and abilities."

Latest News

New Website

For all the latest South Australian Athletic League news and events head on over to our new website

Please advise all scratchings via our new scratchings only email

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Flinders nominations can be checked here

If your name is not on the lsit and you beleive you have entered please contact the office.

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Please view the nomination list for the Henley here

More >


Nominations are now open for the Henley Gift. 

Enter here

More >

1000m Foodbank Time Trial

The SAAL are helping run a 1000m time trial in conjunction with AV Jennings and the Garville netball club, to raise funds for Foodbank. Race Categories and prize money are.
More >
Open Men $750.00 Open Women $750.00 Under 18 Boys $100.00 Under 18 Girls $100.00 Under 14 $50.00 Where: St Clair Sports ground When: 21st August 2016 Cost: $15 (part proceeds going to Foodbank) Enter at

Early Bird Registrations Now Open

Early bird registrations are now open online for the 2016/17 season.
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Rules of Competition

Just a reminder that all athletes and coaches are expected to have read or be familiar with the rules of competition.
More >
They are available under the "About the league" tile above - under FAQ. Kind regards, Michelle and Deb

Declare times and personal bests

It is the athlete's responsibility to declare their personal bests, as well their 10 most recent performances outside the SAAL.
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Times can be submitted via email, and the office will forward them to the handicappers.

Re-registration and password retrieval

If you have been a member of the SAAL before please note you should re-register, rather than create a new membership. To do this you will require a password.
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A password retrieval system is now in place for those who have forgotten/lost their password from previous seasons. If you select “Athlete Tools” and scroll down to “Retrieve Password”, you can follow the prompts to reset your password.

Registrations now Open!!!

Registrations for season 2015 / 2016 are now open.
More >
Fees are slightly cheaper in the early bird period, which runs through until 31 July 2015. Hope to see and hear from you all soon. Kind regards, Michelle and Deb